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Welcome To Recovery First Foundation (RF)

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Recovery First Foundation is dedicated to supporting men who are being released back into the community after incarceration. We provide support networks and services that assist in reintegration and aftercare for men that have been affected by substance dependency. RF believes, developing and building relationships with individuals is a key element to achieving sustainable aftercare.

With over twenty years experience in the recovery field, we understand the importance of having access to mentors or role models who are willing to assist in facilitating and promoting recovery first.

We also offer assistance and support to men with Court pressure or proceedings pending, for drug or alcohol related offending.

It can be at this point in one’s life that the reality of substance dependency becomes more apparent. Through collaborative effort with Probation Officers, we enable men to access recovery-focused meetings whilst on home detention or e-bail.

Here at RF we believe in order for recovery and rehabilitation to be more affective, it is important that they attend appropriate meetings relating to their needs, and have access to mentors/role models at the earliest stage possible.

RF aims to build relationships with other target groups that will enhance ones recovery.

5 Domains of Recovery First


Physical Health

Economical Health

Environmental Health

Cultural Health


Testimonials of addicts in recovery. Real people sharing real stories, sharing their experience, strength, hope, and gratitude for their recovery.

“I grew up in an environment where drug and alcohol user were a normal part of everyday life. I became involved in criminal activity and offending at an early age and as a consequence spent much of my teenage years in youth institutions and prisons. In my 20’s I managed to stay away from IV use of heroin and other hard drugs, but continued to use alcohol, cannabis, LSD, amphetamines and other drugs. I was still involved with criminal activity but had learned how to “not get caught”. I stayed out of legal system for the next 20 years until, following personal, financial relationship difficulties; I became involved in serious drug offending. I was arrested and sentenced to a long prison sentence. During this sentence I attended and completed a Drug Treatment Unit (DTU) at Springhill Prison. It was during this time at DTU that I met and built relationships with members of Recovery First. On my release I became heavily involved with RF, attending activities and helping others out of the cycle of addiction and offending. As a member of RF, I helped set up a support groups of DTU graduates, which is still running after 2 years. RF has played a huge part in my recovery. I am now over 8 years clean, I work in the alcohol and drug treatment field, and have reached Post Graduate level studies. I have strong relationships with members of RF, and they continue to play a leading, guiding role in my life. Without RF, I doubt I would have been able to maintain recovery, and I have seen the same transformation from many others.”


“I have done anything and everything to get the drugs that I needed, but it is different for me today. I am in recovery and able to find some purpose in existing without the use of drugs. I’ve found that if I put my recovery first and if I try really hard in my daily life, then things will happen – maybe not exactly how and when I want it, but I don’t try to figure it out. I just know that it works for me and for that I am truly grateful.”


“I did five years in prison and have since stayed clean. Living in  the general population was hard. I read what literature I could get, I went to meetings when they were held, but it was difficult for me. I had been in jail for a long time. I came to a point where I admitted that I was powerless over my addition. That my life had become unmanageable  was evident to me – I just had to look around me and see the locked gates. I knew I didn’t want to use. I knew there was a better life for me. We all have the disease of addition. We all do things that we are not proud of, but today we have the chance to work through that and make a change, and that’s were Recovery First helped me.”


If you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one to do with drug addiction or alcohol abuse, please contact usRF wants to help, we will point you in the right direction and link you up with other organizations relating to your needs. Or maybe you just want some advice, we are here to help.