Emotional Health

Emotional well-being is the ability to understand the value of your emotions and use them to move your life forward in a positive direction. Everyday emotional well-being also involves identifying, building upon and operating from your strengths rather than focusing on fixing problems or weaknesses.

The better you are able to master your emotions, the greater capacity to enjoy life, cope with stress, and focus on important personal priorities. Some things we must accept, others we can change.

The wisdom to know the difference comes from growth in our spiritual journey. If we maintain our spiritual condition daily, we find it easier to deal with the pain and confusion. This is the emotional stability that we so badly need.

Welcome To Recovery First Foundation (RF)

Recovery First Foundation is dedicated to supporting men who are being released back into the community after incarceration. We provide support networks and services that assist in reintegration and aftercare for men that have been affected by substance dependency. RF believes, developing and building relationships with individuals is a key element to achieving sustainable aftercare.

With over twenty years experience in the recovery field, we understand the importance of having access to mentors or role models who are willing to assist in facilitating and promoting recovery first.

We also offer assistance and support to men with Court pressure or proceedings pending, for drug or alcohol related offending.

It can be at this point in one's life that the reality of substance dependency becomes more apparent. Through collaborative effort with Probation Officers, we enable men to access recovery-focused meetings whilst on home detention or e-bail.

Here at RF we believe in order for recovery and rehabilitation to be more affective, it is important that they attend appropriate meetings relating to their needs, and have access to mentors/role models at the earliest stage possible.

RF aims to build relationships with other target groups that will enhance ones recovery.

If you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one to do with drug addiction or alcohol abuse, please contact us. RF wants to help, we will point you in the right direction and link you up with other organizations relating to your needs. Or maybe you just want some advice, we are here to help.